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Booths 1 - 44

The beautiful Mary and Richard Carpenter Plaza Park will be the location of 44 artists' booths.

Booth 1 & 2 - Ira Meyer
Booth 3 - Paul Abravaya
Booth 4 - Cindy Bolin
Booth 5 - Leslee Adams
Booth 6 - Chasen Boswell
Booth 7 & 8 - Robert Fields
Booth 9 - Cathy Gibbons
Booth 10 - Dominique Blanchard
Booth 11 - Kim & Kay Price
Booth 12 - Lorelei Greene
Booth 13 & 14 - Judy Koenig
Booth 15 - Pam Amputh
Booth 16 - W. Mark Hafeman
Booth 17 - Pong Apinyavat
Booth 18 - Pomm Hepner
Booth 19 & 20 - Jerry Sawitz
Booth 21 - Michael Wicks
Booth 22 - Margaret Landreau
Booth 23 - Susan Lawrence
Booth 24 - Gary Saderup

Legendary Artists
Booth 25 - Roland Roy
Booth 26 - Irv Morgan
Booth 27 - Teddy Ilowitz
Booth 28 - Bill Blackman

Booth 29 - James Born
Booth 30 - Michael John Pittas
Booth 31 - Bridget McKenna
Booth 32 - Belinda Del Pesco
Booth 33 - Joan Sharron
Booth 34 - Jeffrey Skelly
Booth 35 - Dan Barton
Booth 36 - Nate Pidduck
Booth 37 - Kathy Wadsworth

Featured Artist
Booth 38 - Delesprie

Booth 39 - Sylvia Dahlsten
Booth 40 - David Frank Designs*
Booth 41 - Hans Kegler
Booth 42 - Rosemary Bachman
Booth 43 - Meli Calkins
Booth 43 - Pat Duggan
Booth 44 - Judith Crowe
Booth 44 - Gary Talbot

  Legenary Artists
Join Fight Against Brain Cancer
Five "Legendary Artists of the Greater Conejo Valley & Environs will be showcased at the 2016 Thousand Oaks Arts Festival.

The "Legends" will donate a portion of their sales to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (Neuro-Oncology) to support the development of technologies and methods to more effectively combat brain cancer (GBM).

These donations are "In Memory of Julie Morton" (1945 - 2016), in recognition of her extraordinary contribution to increasing visiblity and awareness of regional artists and their work.
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    "Fire & Ice" by Julie Morton  
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    "Fire & Ice" by Julie Morton©
This digital painting is symbolic of the intensity of the battle between brain cancer (glioblastoma), the "Fire", and Neuro-Oncology, the "Ice".

This painting received a first place award in the City of Thousand Oaks Juried Art Show in 2008.

This original painting has been accepted to be on permanet exhibiton at Cedar-Sinai's Advanced Health Sciences Pavillion (Neuroscience).
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    Elaine Williams, Craig Morton, Richard Williams and Julie Morton (let to right)  
  Jule Morton    

ABOVE: (Left to Right) - Elaine Williams, Craig Morton, Richard Williams and Julie Morton at the City of Thousand Oaks'' "Excellence in the Arts" awards ceremony where Julie was recognized for her contribuiton to the vitality of the arts in our community.

    "...So when your are alone and sick of heart, go to the friends we know and bury your sorrows in doing good deeds..."  
(1945 - 2016)
  ABOVE: From a very small clipping found three days after Julie passed titled "Miss Me, But Let Me Go" (source unknown).  
  ©2016 Thousand Oaks Arts Festival. All Rights Reserved.